Chirag Institute of Proctology and Research Organisation, an off shoot of chirag hospital(Dr. Rajasekhar and Dr. Chandrika in 1996).
Established & lead by senior most proctologist in Karnataka - Dr. Rajasekhar Mysore :

  • The FIRST exclusive technology driven proctology unit in Karnataka since 1998.
  • FIRST to establish IRC(Infrared Coagulation) as a primary modality of treatment in Karnataka >20years back.
  • FIRST to start RF in proctology in Karnataka. FIRST to start DGHAL & RAR.
  • FIRST to use Neo-V Lasers in India.
  • FIRST to start free training to many (>60) surgeons in India, including one surgeon from Iraq.
  • FIRST to start VRS, as a compulsory tool in diagnosis, recording & patient education.
  • FIRST to start using 'high end cloud based software' for recording and retrieval of information.
  • FIRST to develop hi-tech tools in proctology(Antarnetra) pocket video androscopy.
  • FIRST to start 'live proctology workshops' demonstrating all new technology in the bastion of the learned (medical colleges).
  • FIRST to start mentorship programmes to aspiring proctologists and transform general surgeons to proctologist, to save patients from 'quackery'.
  • FIRST to start charitable trust- 'CHARITI' for proctology, from own funds to help poor patients and research.
  • FIRST to associate and integrate Ayurveda, yoga and meditation in the mainstream proctology practice.
  • FIRST to unshackle proctology practice from conventional rituals. Doing away with enema, shaving, N.P.O., GA/SA, scrubbing, attire or questioning and doing away with untested tradition like days of admission.