Dermatology & Cosmetology

Dermatology & Cosmetology

Charma - (Skin in Sanskrit) is a skin, hair, nail and cosmetology clinic attached to Chirag Hospital

Our dermatologist is specially trained in LASERS and Dermatosurgery and has a special interest in treatment of Acne. We also use special cloud based software to record and track our patients progress.

Specialised diagnostic tests like Skin Biopsy, Digital Dermatoscopy, Allergy testing are also done here to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the best treatment

Our Main Services includes:

We provide consultation and treatment for

1. Skin diseases : Psoriasis, Pimples(Acne), White patches(leucoderma), Pigmentation, Warts, Skin infections, Allergies, Eczemas, Fungal infections(ring worm) and all other skin problems.

2. Hair problems : Male and female pattern hairloss, alopecia areata, unwanted facial hair and body hair removal, dandruff, non patterned hairloss etc.

3. Nail problems: In-growing toe nail, Nail infections(paronychia), discolouration of nails, fungal infection of nails etc.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases : Herpes, Molluscum, Genital warts, Chancroid, Syphilis and other ulcers, swelling and discharge from private areas.

5. Leprosy: Loss of sensation and white patches on skin, sometimes red patches with loss of sensation accompanied by several other features.

6. Cosmetology: LASER for Scars, Chemical peel for pigmentation and scars, 3G-IPL with RF for permanent, unwanted hair reduction, IPL for pimples, LASER assisted mole removal, RF skin tightening, LASER or RF assisted skin tags removal, Neuronox for wrinkles and excessive sweating of hands and feet, LASER for anti ageing, Iontophoresis for sweating of hands and feet

7. Dermatosurgery: Removing growth and marks on and under the skin(DPNs, Skin tags, Lipomas, Cysts, Warts, Corns and Calluses) using fine plastic surgical instruments and techniques.