Q1. What are piles(hemorrhoids)?

Ans: Bunches of blood vessels in the anus called anal cushions, when enlarged/bleed are called piles.

Q2. How do I know I have piles?

a. Bleeding with motion.

b. Swelling/mass projecting from anus.

c. Pain – when blood clots inside.

ci. Fullness in rectum/ feeling of incomplete passing of motion.

cii.others – itching, soiling etc.

Q3. When to consult a surgeon or proctologist?

Ans: For any bleeding, examination of anal canal and rectum by proctoscopy/ preferably video rectoscopy at the earliest is a must, to diagnose the cause of bleeding and exclude diseases like cancer, ulcerative colitis etc.

Q4. What are the causes for developing piles?

Ans: a) Chronic constipation( straining and difficulty in passing stools).

b) Prolonged sitting.

c) Dry and spicy food.

d) pregnancy.

e) smoking or alcoholism.

f) mental stress.

Q5. How to prevent it?

Ans: Healthy life style .

a) active physical life.

b) semi- solid high fibre diet.

c) Avoid alcohol, smoking, junk food, spicy food.

d) stress free life.

Q6. Do all piles patients require operation/surgery?

Ans: a) 1st degree piles(early stage) – life style changes and a few medicines.

b) 2nd degree piles – non invasive procedures like IRC.

c) 3rd and 4th degree (late stage) – minimally invasive hi – tech procedures like DG-HAL LASER TREAT MENT WITH NEO V SYSTEM

Q7. Hospital stay?

Ans: 10 to 24 hours depending on the stage

Q8. Rest after surgery?

Ans: minor procedures 1- 2 days. Later stages 4-5 days.

Q9. Time for procedures?

Ans: 10 – 30 minutes.

Q10. Type of anaesthesia?

Ans: Local/ short general/ spinal.

Q11. Any complications?

Ans: Negligible.

Q12. Any special precautions after procedures?

Ans: Almost nil.

Q13. Cost for the procedures?

Ans: Varies between Rs.30,000 to Rs. 90,000 depending on stage of disease and procedures done.

Q14. Will I get piles again?

Ans: No.

Q15. When should the procedures be done? How long can we wait?


Q16. Any chance of loss of control of motions after operation?

Ans: No.