Q1. What is GDM?

Ans: It is the glucose intolerance with onset or 1st recognition during pregnancy.

Q2. What are the causes?

Ans: It is due to the maternal metabolic changes occurring during the pregnancy. Most of which are designed to provide continuous supply of energy and nutrients to the growing fetus as also the nutritional needs of the mother.

Q3. What are the symptoms?

Ans: There may not be any major symptoms.

Q4. How it affects me?

Ans: may be a general ill health and also a future chance of being a diabetic later.

Q5. How it affects baby?

Ans: It affects the baby in plethora of ways like congenital anomalies if in very early pregnancy, to very big babies, respiratory distress at birth and may be still birth also.

Q6. What happens after pregnancy?

Ans: Most of the times it reverts to normal and in severe cases may be retained as diabetes.

Q7. What increases my risk for developing it?

Ans: The following are the risks like obesity, family history of diabetes, member of high ethnic group, elderly gravida, PCOS etc.

Q8. What tests are used to diagnose it?

Ans: We use a single test called OGCT at the 1st visit of the lady for checkup.

Q9. What tests are used to monitor it?

Ans: The tests are regular self-monitoring of blood, glucose, Hb AIC (Lab)

Q10. What can I do prevent it?

Ans: Have to avoid risk factors like obesity and take proper diet (avoiding excess calories) with ample amount of physical activity.