Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do u feel constantly worried, on the edge, like you just cannot relax?
Do you always suspect or expect the worst and play scenarios in your head?
Do you question your decisions or worry about the future?
Do you experience chest discomfort, frequent gastric issues, fast heart rate, dizziness or shaking of hands?

These are all signs of an anxiety disorder. Possibly one of the most underrated of all mental disorders, anxiety can actually cause a lot of dysfunction in daily life. Because of the constant worry that comes with anxiety, a person might resist trying new experiences, underperform at work, and have an unfulfilling social life.

A simple explanation for anxiety is over activation of the Sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is designed to help us deal with threat, stress and physical demands. For example, when you exercise, your heart starts pumping faster, your brain becomes more alert and your muscles start burning energy in order to move.
But, in anxiety, the sympathetic nervous system is overly active, even when it's not needed. This means, even when you don't need extra energy, your heart is pumping, your thoughts are racing, and your body is constantly preparing for a threat that doesn't even exist!!! Undoubtedly, this takes a heavy toll on the mind and body.

Understanding the cause of anxiety needs expert intervention. With the right medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you can overcome anxiety, learn to regulate it and feel better equipped to cope with the uncertainty of life.
Further, supportive treatments like Relaxation and stress management techniques will help the mind and body calm down and relieve muscle tension, indirectly reducing anxiety.